Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 10/9/2013 - 7:30 PM
Category: Untitled
Type: Action
Subject: 18.10 New and Revised Technology Policies - BP 3513, BP/AR 4040, BP 6162.7
LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) Goal:
College and Career Interventions Goal 1.6, 1.13-1.16
Interventions Goal 1.6, 1.13-1.16
College and Career Access and Integration to Technology Goal 1.7
Access and Integration to Technology Goal 1.7
Parent/Family & Community Engagement Outreach to Special Populations Goal 3.6-3.8
Outreach to Special Populations Goal 3.6-3.8
File Attachment:
MDUSD AR_4040 Employee Responsible Use Policy (RUP).pdf
MDUSD BP 1114 Social Media Policy .pdf
MDUSD BP 3515_11 Video Monitoring Policy.pdf
Use Of Technology In Instruction BP  6162.7.pdf
Use of Cellular Phones_ BP 3513_1.pdf
Old Employee Use of Technology _BP_4040.pdf
Draft_RUP K-2.pdf
Draft_RUP 3-5.pdf
Draft RUP 6-12 Adult Ed.pdf
Summary: These draft policies were created in Committee with the support of Julie Braun-Martin, Deb Cooksey, Lois Peterson, Felicia Stuckey-Smith, Ann Tirrell, Lorie O'Brien, Joe Estrada and Joshua Wittman. Through a partnership with the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), Cabinet and Principals, Staff has prepared revisions to the Board Policy and the Administrative Regulations to facilitate understanding and best practices in regards to technology use around the district. Responsible Use Policies were previously referred to as Acceptable Use Policies in MDUSD.

There are three Responsible Use Policies for students, broken down by grade level, an Employee Responsible Use Policy, Video Monitoring Policy and Social Media Policy. The Social Media and Video Monitoring Policies are new board policies.

The current board policy for the use of Cellular Phone (BP3513_1) is also included in this docket. There is some language in the new Social Media and Employee Acceptable Use Policies that covers how the phones should be used rather than the current policy that covers the cellular phone allowance and IRS regulations. The current Use of Technology in Instruction Policy (BP6162_7) covers how technology can help teachers, and would be remain in place as a board policy.

Although significantly different than the original, the Employee Responsible Use Policy (RUP) is a revision of BP4040.
Fiscal Impact
Recommendation: Approve revised Employee Use of Technology Policy, Video Monitoring Policy and Social Media Policy.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Joshua Wittman - Director of Technology Support
Signed By:
Joe Estrada-C - Director of Technology
Signed By:
Felicia Stuckey-Smith - Director Student Services
Signed By:
Bryan Richards - Chief Financial Officer
Signed By:
Julie Braun-Martin - Assistant Superintendent Elementary
Signed By:
Deborah Cooksey - Associate General Counsel
Signed By:
Dr. Nellie Meyer - Superintendent
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