Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 2/25/2013 - 7:30 PM
Category: Business/Action Items
Type: Action
Subject: 16.11 Legal Services Contracts
LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) Goal:
Enclosure: Contracts and Billing Standards
File Attachment:
Tomislav Peraic Contract.pdf
Orbach Huff & Suarez Contract.pdf
Olson Hagel Fishburn Contract.pdf
Summary: Attached are contracts for legal services to be provided by Tomislav Peraic, Attorney at Law, Orbach, Huff & Suarez LLP, and Olson, Hagel & Fishburn LLP. Orbach, Huff & Suarez LLP is currently under contract with the District and they have been dedicated to Measure C. Orbach, Huff & Suarez LLP will be expanding the scope of their legal work for the District thus the reason for bringing them back to the Board with the previously approved contract. By adding these three (3) firms, there will now be nine (9) law firms that will serve the District.
Funding: General Fund
Fiscal Impact The contracts are not to exceed the total legal services budget of $940,000.00.
Recommendation: Approve contracts as recommended.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Greg Rolen, Esq. - General Counsel
Signed By:
Bryan Richards - Chief Financial Officer
Signed By:
Steven Lawrence - Superintendent
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