Meeting Date:   12/10/2012 - 7:00 PM
Category:   Business/Action Items
Type:   Action
Subject:   15.4 Resolution: Delegation of Authority to Superintendent or His Designee to Approve Agreements Pursuant to Education Code Section 17604 and 17605
Strategic Plan
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Summary Education Code sections 17604 and 17605 authorize the District Board of Education to delegate to the Superintendent or his designee authority to approve contracts that later must be ratified by the Board. The District's last Board meeting for December is December 10, 2012. In order to maintain construction project schedules for the Measure C Bond Program and to assure the timely completion of projects, District staff will need to award certain lease-leaseback projects for classroom replacement and new science classroom construction (the "Lease-leaseback Agreements") after the last December, 2012 Board meeting. These agreements will then be brought back to the Board for ratification at a subsequent Board meeting. Delegating authority to the Superintendent or his designee with the subsequent ratification by the Board will allow for the timely award and completion of these scheduled District projects.
Funding N/A
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Recommendation Adopt Resolution 12-12-21: Delegation of authority by the Board to the Superintendent or his designee to approve the Lease-Leaseback Agreements in forms acceptable to the District's legal counsel, each to be ratified by the District's Governing Board at the next appropriate Board meeting.
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Pete Pedersen - Measure C
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Steven Lawrence - Superintendent
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