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Meeting Date: 2/6/2012 - 7:30 PM
Category: Business/Action Items
Type: Info
Subject: 14.9 Discussion of Board Policy 3290 - Gifts and Bequests
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Summary: Education Code sets forth that charter schools are entitled to equivalent materials and facilities. The Code also states donated items are the property of a school district. Accordingly, the Governing Board has the discretion and authority to distribute donated materials in an equitable manner. Staff recommends that the Board exercise its discretion under Board Policy 3290 and that items donated to Clayton Valley High School by individuals or groups including parent clubs, booster organizations, or the Associated Student Body remain at the site. Items such as the radio station license and tower will be addressed through the Proposition 39 negotiations process.
Fiscal Impact
Recommendation: Discussion
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Loreen Joseph - Secretary to the Superintendent
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Steven Lawrence - Superintendent