Meeting Date:   8/9/2011 - 7:30 PM
Category:   Consent Agenda
Type:   Action
Subject:   8.21 (Item #22) Approve increase in Contract between DataWORKS Educational Research and Bel Air Elementary School
Strategic Plan
Enclosure Original Contract & Certificate of Insurance
File Attachment:  
Summary On May 24, 2011, the Board approved contract #3515 for services by DataWORKS at Bel Air Elementary School. The contract needs to be amended due to the addition of the pre/post assessments. The amount approved on May 24, 2011, was $47,131.75. This contract needs to be increased by $3,591.75 to cover the cost of the pre/post assessments.
Funding School Improvement Grant (Program Code 3082)
Fiscal Impact $50,723.50
Recommendation Approve increase as presented.
Recommended By:
Signed By:  
Vonda Boucher - Administrative Assistant
Signed By:  
Rose Lock - Assistant Superintendent of Middle
Signed By:  
Bryan Richards - Chief Financial Officer
Signed By:  
Greg Rolen, Esq. - General Counsel
Signed By:  
Steven Lawrence - Superintendent