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Meeting Date: 5/11/2010 - 7:30 PM
Category: Business/Action Items
Type: Action
Subject: 14.4 District Office Restructuring
LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) Goal:
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List of Proposed Positions to be Created 051110.pdf
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Student_Achievement_Department_Org_Chart 051110.pdf
Summary: Pete Pedersen has informed me that he will be retiring on September 30, 2010. Pete’s retirement will be a great loss for the school district. His dedication to the children of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District over the past 33 years has been exemplary. Due to Pete’s retirement, we will need to reorganize the Personnel and Administrative Services Departments. In Personnel, my recommendation is to promote Julie Braun Martin to Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and move Melinda Hall into the Director of Personnel position. If Measure C passes, we would be able to offer Mr. Pedersen a half-time position to come back and manage the Measure C construction projects. The departments that currently report to Mr. Pedersen will be distributed between Greg Rolen, Bryan Richards and Rose Lock.

I also propose to restructure our Curriculum and Instruction division into the Student Achievement and School Support division under Assistant Superintendent Rose Lock. The current Curriculum and Instruction team has done an admirable job to support our schools through the implementation of State Standards and Federal and State Accountability systems. As the expectations and demands increase on all our schools, we need instructional leaders who have successfully moved schools forward to help support and coach other principals and school staffs. The list of proposed positions to be created is attached.

In order to compare apples to apples, I compared the Salary Step 5 for all of the current positions in C&I and the Director of Alternative Education to the cost at Step 5 for the recommended positions. In order to restructure and save funding, the recommendation is based on taking nine positions and replacing them with eight positions. Please see the attached flow chart and Excel spreadsheet.

Through this restructuring, we will achieve an estimated $45,347 in savings. However, because many of these positions are funded through a combination of categoricals and general funds the full $45,347 will not be a savings in the general fund. There will also be savings due to the reduction of the summer school secretary position who currently works under the Director of Alternative Education. The position is recommended to be eliminated on September 1, 2010. The current responsibilities of the Director of Alternative Ed will be distributed to the new positions listed above as well as the Special Education Department. Dr. Browne will be given responsibility for supporting and evaluating the alternative education programs in the district. Responsibility for after school and summer intervention programs will be under Rose Lock.

The members of this new department will be annually evaluated based on criteria that also include:

1. Whether or not the schools they support meet or exceed the growth targets identified by the State for school-wide and subgroup API data;
2. Whether or not the EL students in the schools they support make annual progress on the CELDT. Our goal is that all EL students are redesignated English proficient within six years of entering our schools.
3. Whether or not all students are making measurable gains on district benchmark assessments that measure students’ progress toward mastery of the State standards;
4. Whether or not our high schools are increasing the graduation rate, increasing the number of students completing CTE pathways, increasing the percentage of students taking AP classes and achieving a 3 or better on the end of course assessments, increasing the percentage of students taking the SAT/ACT, and increasing the SAT/ACT scores for all subgroups of students on an annual basis.
5. Annual principal surveys that focus on whether or not principals feel supported in moving their schools forward.
Fiscal Impact
Recommendation: Approve as presented.
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Loreen Joseph - Secretary to the Superintendent
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Steven Lawrence - Superintendent
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Original Motion
Member Sherry Whitmarsh Moved, Member Linda Mayo seconded to approve the Original motion 'Approve as presented.'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 5 Nay: 0.
The motion Carried 5 - 0
Gary Eberhart     Yes
Paul Strange     Yes
Linda Mayo     Yes
Richard Allen     Yes
Sherry Whitmarsh     Yes