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6/17/2013 - 7:30 PM  
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10.14 (Item #16) Renewal of Memorandum of Understanding with Spectrum Center for 2013/14 Collaborative Program  
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The Mt. Diablo / Spectrum Collaborative Program Model began in 2003, at a time when the District had not developed autism specific classrooms. The purpose of this model was to provide immediate programs and services for students that were both FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) and LRE (Least Restrictive Environment ) by having these classrooms on District comprehensive school sites. As the District has implemented its plan for autism classrooms and services, corresponding adjustments to the Spectrum classrooms have occurred.
Mt. Diablo Unified School District is proposing to continue to collaborate with Spectrum Center, a Non-Public School, to serve students on District campuses for the 2013-2014 school year. Spectrum proposes a contract renewal for 2 collaborative classrooms with a cost reduction of $552,086 for the 2013-2014 school year. This cost reduction will be met through the elimination of the classrooms at Pleasant Hill Middle and Northgate High School following the Extended School Year 2013. The details of the agreement and the cost savings can be found in the attachments.
General Fund/Special Education
Program Code 1660 Non-Public Schools
Approve the memorandum of understanding as presented.  
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Bryan Cassin - Special Education Administrator
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Kerri Mills - Assistant Superintendent
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Bryan Richards - Chief Financial Officer
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Jayne Williams - Interim General Counsel
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John Bernard - Interim Superintendent
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