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5/6/2013 - 7:30 PM  
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8.9 (Item #9) RFQ/RFP 1641 Approval of Preliminary Services Agreement for the Management, Coordination, Constructability Review, Value Engineering and Recommendations related to Remodel of the Science Center at Ygnacio Valley High School  
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01-1641 Preliminary Services Agreement-Landmark Construction YVHS Science Center Remodel Signed .pdf
02-LLB #1641 PSA Result Information.pdf
03-Insurance Certificate Mount Diablo Unified School Dist - Science Center Bldg 100 Ygnaciao Valley HS.pdf
In April, 2013 the District issued a Request for Qualifications from potentially qualified firms interested in entering into a lease-leaseback agreement for the modernization of existing science classrooms at Ygnacio Valley High School. Per previous Board recommendation, RFQ was publicly available with specific notification to no less than 15 potential contractors. This resulted in receipt of 3 qualification packages.

Staff is evaluated qualifications and is recommending the District enter into a Preliminary Services Agreement with Landmark Construction for a not to exceed fee of $8,500 for the provision of preliminary services relating to the remodel of specified existing science center at Ygnacio Valley High School. Services include, but are not limited to: management and coordination services, constructability review of the preliminary plans and specifications produced by Community Architecture, value engineering review(s) and any recommendation necessary to optimize project quality, delivery, budget development assistance, scheduling, and construction planning.

As authorized by California Education Code section 17406, a lease-leaseback contract structure is one in which the District can select a builder in a different manner other than just a “lowest bidder.” For this project, the RFQ evaluated other factors including past K-12 experience, design, etc., including price. Under a lease-leaseback, the District leases property under a “site lease” to a builder for $1. That builder constructs the facility and then leases the facility back to the District under a “facilities lease.” The District makes “tenant improvement payments” during construction and “lease payments” after construction. Title to the new facility vests in the District as lease payments are made. The District has the option to make an early payment to the builder to buy out the facilities lease. In addition, the District selects/approves all plans and specifications and uses its own Architect of Record to submit the project to the Division of the State Architect for approval. Only after DSA approval can the District enter into the 2 leases. Since DSA approval is still a month away, the work the District would like Landmark Construction to begin now can be done under this preliminary services agreement.
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Approve Preliminary Services Agreement as presented  
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Tim Cody - Program Manager
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Rose Lock - Assistant Superintendent of Middle