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3/11/2013 - 5:00 PM  
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10.10 (Item #11) (UPDATED - SEE ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS) Award of Independent Services Contract for the Oversight of Hazardous Materials Abatement/Removal for Renovation of Building 1300 and Science Center (Building 100) at Ygnacio Valley High School  
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Enviro STAR Liablity and E&O Insurance.pdf
Enviro STAR Workman's comp letter 12.pdf
MISA0061-Enviro-STAR Contract YVHS Renovation 1300 and 100 signed.pdf
ygnacio valley hs proposal 2.28.13.pdf
On September 24, 2012 the Board of Education approved a revised Facility Improvement Project List for Ygnacio Valley High School. Included in this greater list was the remodel of the 100 wing to create six(6) general science labs as well as the renovation of the 1300 wing.

The services of a certified hazardous materials management firm will be required during the planned construction associated with the renovation of the 100 wing and 1300 wing at Ygnacio Valley High School. The scope of work of included in said services includes, but is not limited to, the management of all abatement activities, surveillance of all abatement work activities and air monitoring, sampling and testing, inspection and certification. Staff received three quotations for these services and is recommending that a contract be awarded to Enviro-S.T.A.R., Inc. for a 'not to exceed' value of $8,650.00 for the provision of said services.
2010 Measure C Funds  
Approve Independent Services Contract Presented  
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Mitchell Stark - Program Manager
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Tim Cody - Program Manager
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Steven Lawrence - Superintendent