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9/10/2012 - 7:00 PM  
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15.12 Amendment to BP 2140(a) Evaluation of the Superintendent  
LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) Goal:
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CSBA’s publication entitled “Maximizing School Board Governance” Superintendent Evaluation” provides the following exemplary governance standard:

“Meeting in open session, the board, working with the superintendent, who will be working with staff, should:

• Using the previous year’s priorities and goals as a baseline, agree on updated priority areas and set goals for the following year that the governance team believes will reasonably move the district toward its long-range vision.
• Agree on success indicators for each new goal or revised indicators for ongoing goals, and on progress reports the board would like to receive.
• Discuss the governance team’s level of satisfaction with the evaluation instruments and methods we used this year. Decide whether to modify our evaluation system for next year based on the new goals we have set.”

Mt. Diablo USD’s Board Policy 2140(a) currently omits this important practice that other districts have adopted. The intent of this proposed amendment is to increase the public’s awareness of the superintendent’s goals, ensure that these goals are aligned to district goals, and increase Board accountability.

After each evaluation has been completed, the Board shall meet in open session to give the Board and Superintendent an opportunity to jointly identify performance goals for the next year.

(cf. 2111 – Superintendent Governance Standards)
(cf. 9005 – Governance Standards)
(cf. 9400 – Board Self-Evaluation

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Government Code 54957 – Closed session, personnel matters

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CSBA Publication
Maximizing School Board Governance: Superintendent Evaluation, 2004

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Loreen Joseph - Secretary to the Superintendent
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Steven Lawrence - Superintendent